For hands on help with your injury 

Physio Treatments

Through initial consultation based on targeted questioning and physical examination, I will carry out a thorough assessment of your problems.

Having made a diagnosis, we will discuss the options available and expected timescales for treatment and recovery. I will also cover lifestyle advice and recommendations to prevent any future recurrence. 

The more you understand about your condition, the better you are able to deal with it so education is an important part of treatment.

The "Hands On" part will involve a variety of recognised techniques and generally forms the main part of a treatment session.

Manual Therapy

Joint Manipulation

Joint Mobilisation 

Trigger Point Techniques

Soft Tissue Massage 

Neural Mobilisation


Sports Supports 

Kinesiology Taping

Education and Advice to Prevent Recurrence

Exercise Therapy

Core Stability


Pilates Exercises

Stretching & Strengthening

Muscle Imbalance






Postural Advice

Gait Assessment

Footwear Advice

Orthotics (insoles)

Home Visits

I can bring my physiotherapy services to your home when it is not practical for you to come to the clinic.

This is commonly when you have limited mobility that prevents you from getting out of the house or driving. ie following surgery or with acute back pain. 

These visits are restricted to a 3 mile radius from the clinic.

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Judy Saunders Physiotherapy

The Cottage​

North Road

Chesham Bois




01494 728860

07973 551926


Member of The Chartered

Society of Physiotherapy


Judy is an experienced Physiotherapist who has run her own practice in Amersham and Chesham Bois for over 25 years. Fully qualified and recognised by most major insurance companies, Judy offers a prompt personal service and the highest standards of treatment.

Registered with The Health &

Care Professions Council

Opening Hours

Monday / 8AM - 8PM

Tuesday / 8AM - 5PM

Wednesday / 8AM - 8PM

Thursday / 8AM - 5PM

Friday / 8AM - 5PM

Saturday / By Appointment 

Sunday / Closed

Home Visits

Home visits can be arranged for those who are unable to travel due to their condition.